Bullets in italics are complete and in CVS
Version 1 Roadmap

Version 1 is nearly complete, but there are a few things I want to add to it before it's complete:

  • Sample section entries for more platforms. I'll need input from users on this, so please send any section entries that are not included in README files to man2web-sections@sourceforge.net
  • More platform specific configure flags. If you have anything that I can add to the README (configure flags, man flags, etc.) please mail them to man2web-sections@sourceforge.net
  • Generate the built in sections based on the OS type. I'll need some input on different platforms though...
  • XHTML 1.0 Compliance.
Version 2 Roadmap

I want to add new features for Version 2 including:

  • Adding apropos descriptions of the commands in indexes.
  • Creation of section indexes on the command line for cacheing, so they don't have to be generated every time.
  • Use HTML for formatting instead of <pre> commands. This will allow for links that occur in line breaks.
  • Rewrite the Config struct and add a Request struct to seperate configuration values vs. request types.