man2web is a program for converting man output to html on the fly (as a CGI program) or on the command line.

Features include:

  • customizable style sheets
  • section index generation
  • automatic link generation for man pages and external URLs
Latest News
man2web-0.88 released   jtalkington - 2003-04-27 18:20   -   man2web
man2web 0.88 is now available for download.
New in this version:
- support for calling lynx to display the page (and follow links)
man2web-0.87 released   jtalkington - 2003-04-16 13:58   -   man2web
This fully fixes the vulnerability that would allow a user to read arbitrary files by either include shell escapes or a file path in the man page name. It also fixes a bug that I introduced in the 0.86 quick release that prevented any man output at all...
man2web-0.85 not fully fixed...   jtalkington - 2003-04-16 13:13   -   man2web
The fix is still incomplete, so I am removing all releases until I fix this later today.
man2web-0.85 released   jtalkington - 2003-04-16 10:31   -   man2web
This release fixes a security bug where a user could type something like "groff;cat</etc/passwd" and read abitrary files on the server.

It also features XHTML 1.0 compliant output.
RPMS released   jtalkington - 2003-04-10 16:08   -   man2web
I've created binary and source RPMS for RedHat Linux 8.0/9.