MAN2WEB.CONF(5)              man2web Documentation             MAN2WEB.CONF(5)

       man2web.conf - man2web configuration file.

           man2web.conf contains configuration directives for man2web.  It is
           usually located in /usr/local/etc.

           All directives are upper case, followed by whitespace, followed by
           the value.  If a directive is not specified in the file, the com-
           pile time default will be used.  A directive with no argument will
           disable the use of the default value.

           Each line in the file can be either a directive (see DIRECTIVES
           below), a blank line, or a comment (a line starting with #).


           Specify the program used for apropos (keyword) searches.  This is
           typically apropos or man -k.


           Specify the MANPATH that is passed to man (if the MANPATH_SWITCH is
           defined) and is searched when generating section indexes.


           The switch used to pass the MANPATH to man.


           This is usually man, but on some systems you may need to pass extra
           flags to the man command to get output that is formatted correctly
           (e.g. on MacOS X, this needs to be set to man -P 'col -x' to get
           properly aligned output).


           Add a section entry for use in making the cover page, the search
           form, section indexes, and links to other man pages when outputting
           a man page.  There should be one for every section of the manual.

           The format of the entry is:

           SECTION <pseudo section> <real section> <description>

           pseudo section

               The section that should be displayed in the cover page and
               search form.

           real section

               The real section that the pseudo section maps to.  On some sys-
               tems (MacOS X), a sub section cannot be specified when looking
               for man pages (i.e. man -S 3x wresize does not work, but man -S
               3 wresize does).


               A free form text description to display on the cover page.


           Specify the switch used to pass the section to man (typically -s or


           Specify the style sheet of generated pages with this.  This can be
           used to change the appearance of links, bold text, or italic text.
           See man2web.conf.default included with the distribution for the
           default values.

       Copyright (C) 2003 Jerry Talkington

       This document is distributed under the terms of the FDL (GNU Free Docu-
       mentation License) version 1.1 or later.  You should have received a
       copy of the FDL with this distribution, it is also available online at
       the GNU copyleft site <>.

       man2web is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
       License (GPL).  You should have recieved a copy of the GPL with this
       distribution, it is also avaliable online at the GNU copyleft site


man2web 0.80                     31 March 2003                 MAN2WEB.CONF(5)