MAN2WEB(1)                   man2web Documentation                  MAN2WEB(1)

       man2web - convert man pages to html.

       man2web [-s section | --section=section] [-r | --raw] name
       man2web -a | -k | --apropos | --keyword  keyword
       man2web -p | --print-config
       man2web -h | --help
       man2web -v | --version

       man2web outputs man pages and keyword (apropos) searches in HTML, and
       generates HTML indexes of man page sections.

       man2web's main purpose is as a CGI program, taking arguments from the
       environment (see ENVIRONMENT below), but it can also be used on the
       command line to generate static HTML pages.

       -s section
           Specifiy the section of the manual to search in.

       -a, --apropos keyword
       -k, --keyword keyword
           Do a keyword (apropos) search for keyword.

       -i, --index section
           Generate and print an index for section.

       -r, --raw
           Do not convert the file, print the raw man output.

       -p, --print-config
           Print out the current configuration, suitable for saving as a
           man2web.conf(5) config file.

       -h, --help
           Print a help message with a list of options.

       -v, --version
           Print the version number and exit.

       Command Line

           man2web name > outfile.html
               This would output the man page for name and and save it to a
               file. name can be the name of a man page or an absolute path
               name to a file.

           man2web --print-config > man2web.conf
               This would print out the current configuration, saving it to


           This is the most common use for man2web.  The web server calls the
           man2web setting the QUERY_STRING and SCRIPT_NAME environment
           variables (see ENVIRONMENT below).  Query string examples follow:

               This would return the intro man page from section 1.

               This would generate a section index for section 2.

               This would return the results of a keyword (apropos) search for

           This is passed by the web server to the program specifying the type
           of action to be performed, and any parameters,  See EXAMPLES above
           for examples of what this looks like.

           This specifies the way the program is referenced by the web server,
           and how to write out self referencing URLs (links to other man
           pages, or the cover/search page.)  If this is set, the command line
           is disabled, and options must be specified in the QUERY_STRING
           environment variable.

       Copyright (C) 2003 Jerry Talkington

       This document is distributed under the terms of the FDL (GNU Free Docu-
       mentation License) version 1.1 or later.  You should have received a
       copy of the FDL with this distribution, it is also available on-line at
       the GNU copyleft site <>.

       man2web is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
       License (GPL).  You should have recieved a copy of the GPL with this
       distribution, it is also avaliable on the copyleft site

           The configuration file.


man2web 0.80                     3 April 2003                       MAN2WEB(1)